EDUARDO ORTIZ is a professional musician, director, bass player, and composer.

Son of the trumpet player maestro Dante Ortiz. His career began 50 years ago in his native country, Dominican Republic; his experience includes working with numerous orchestras, recording studios, creating his own music projects and productions.

Prior to settling in Worcester, MA Eduardo was the bass player for the orchestra directed by renowned maestro Rafael Solano.

He has played for, performed or collaborated with: Papa Molina, Elias Santana, Danny Rivera, Lolita Flores, Lissette Álvarez, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Tito Puente Junior, Grupo NQ, Yolandita Monje, Anthony Rios, Grupo Licuado, Grupo Yarumba, Luisa María Güell, and many more.

During the past 20 years, he has been an ambassador representing Dominican culture through his artistry in Massachusetts and locally in the city of Worcester. Some of his featured projects include: production and music director for Gala de Verano at the Mechanics Hall 2008 & 2009, Worcester Latin Festival, Out-To-Lunch, FLAMENCO! Tradition, Art & Passion 2022, Villancicos Flamencos 2022.

Eduardo has also a rich deep background in Jazz and Latin music for both live audiences and in recordingand studio production. Eduardo has composed over 20 pieces. Just released his first album “El tiempo pasa” and is currently working on his second production. Eduardo lives in the city of Worcester with his beautiful and supportive wife Niurka Ortiz, close to his grandkids and daughters.